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Tyrone Farming Society

The Showcase for the Farming Industry

Tyrone Farming Society now look forward to the 183rd  Annual Omagh Show which will take place on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 July 20245 

Records indicate that it was first established in 1832, in an effort to encourage and sustain local agriculture.

Omagh Show's enduring success can perhaps best be described as a true reflection of determination and motivation of its supporters throughout the years. Now ideally located on a purpose built facility on the outskirts of Omagh town, this thriving Annual Show remains a source of much pride for its community.

The Showcase for the Farming Industry

The Omagh showground map provides a clear illustration of the various arenas and attractions for visitors to easily find their way around the site. Tyrone Farming Society would like to wish you an enjoyable and safe show experience. Don't forget to pay attention to emergency exits and the emergency assembly point.

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